Games that are all about playing together.

Games with social impact.

We make socially impactful multiplayer games for kids aged 7-12 that train co-operation, communication, and socio-emotional skills through positive peer-to-peer encouragement.

Introducing RePlay and PlayTag.

We've developed our own gaming console specifically for and together with the kids. RePlay turns any screen into a multiplayer device for 4-8 players. No smartphone needed.

Based on 20+ years of research.

Our scientific background is in Friendship Group, an academically validated model for advancing children's socio-emotional skills through structured peer-to-peer group interactions.

Work at Wondershop

Our games are fun to play but making them is a pretty serious business. We’re looking for ambitious and talented game-makers who believe that their best and most meaningful work is yet to be done.

Could this be your future office? 👉

Drop us a message at and let's talk.