Games that are all about playing together.

Remember the arcades?

Hanging out with friends and making new ones. Exploring the endless selection of games. Taking part in tournaments, or just having fun while cheering for others. Colourful graphics, catchy soundtracks, and simple but fun gameplay.

A new (and old) way to play.

Wondershop creates social games that catch the same feeling of easy togetherness you had at the arcade halls. Our games are played with our own pocket-sized game controller that turns any screen into a multiplayer console.

Introducing the PlayTag

Why make a new game controller from scratch, you may ask?

Because it's made particularly with kids in mind. It’s customisable. It’s accessible and affordable. It turns any TV screen or a tablet into a multiplayer gaming console. It safely stores the player's stats, progression and inventory so that the game can continue wherever they play. It (almost) never runs out of battery.

Because playing with it is super fun.

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Game Hubs

Our games are played in easily accessible real-world hubs - shopping malls, cafés, parks, you name it. The only thing needed is a TV screen or a tablet and that’s it.

Every hub comes with its own games, and it's easy for us to launch new games regularly based on community feedback. We gather game ideas directly from the kids and turn their wildest dreams into reality.

Our first Game Hub is now open for everyone in the shopping center Itis, we’d love to see you there!

Work (and play) at Wondershop

Our games are fun to play but making them is a pretty serious business. We’re looking for ambitious and talented game-makers who believe that their best work is yet to be done.

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