Games that are all about playing together.

Games with social impact.

We build socially impactful multiplayer games for kids and families that train co-operation, communication and social skills through positive peer-to-peer encouragement.

Introducing the PlayTag.

Our games are played with our own pocket-sized controller that turns any screen into an 8-player gaming console. The controller has been developed specifically for and together with the kids.

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Where can you play?

Our games are currently available at community house Meltsi and soon in shopping centre Itis.

Our games can be easily set up anywhere where kids spend time at and can play as a group - in closed locations such as schools or after school clubs, or in open locations such as libraries or cafés.

We're currently looking for location partners with whom we could further test and validate the impact of our game - if this could be you, we'd love to hear from you.

Work (and play) at Wondershop

Our games are fun to play but making them is a pretty serious business. We’re looking for ambitious and talented game-makers who believe that their best and most meaningful work is yet to be done.

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