Looking for brain power.

Our take on 9-5

How to best describe us as a workplace?

We’re a small team where everyone is doing things they’ve never done before on a daily basis (or if you’ve already built a miniature-sized game controller, please do get in touch!).

We’re looking for people who are excited about the opportunity to grow at a speed of light, to constantly get out of their comfort zone, and who enjoy the rollercoaster ride of a creative startup.


We believe it is possible to generate measurable social impact through world-class gaming experiences.


We test a lot, we test often, we test with kids IRL, and we make product decisions based on numbers.

Fresh perspectives.

We're looking for experienced talent both within and outside the gaming industry who believe that their best and most meaningful work is yet to be done.

Talk soon?

If this sounds like a big enough challenge for you, scroll no further and get in touch. Send your CV and/or portfolio and tell us why you should work at Wondershop at hello@wondershopgames.com - we’d love to hear from you!