Exploring Wondershop.

Our mission

Our mission is to make games that encourage children and families to play together, that anyone can play, and that create positive, quantified impact through meaningful social experiences.

Our games train co-operation, communication and social skills through positive peer-to-peer encouragement. We base the design of our games on scientific research on how to support children with peer difficulties and social-emotional challenges, and are currently conducting further validation on the effectiveness of our platform.

Our roots are at We Foundation, a Finnish non-profit that works to advance social inclusion and equity among children and youth.

Our way of working

The basis of all our games is the fun - building something impactful doesn't mean that we would make any compromises on creating games that are first and foremost entertaining.

We test our games with kids in IRL almost every week, look at the data, and test again. We continuously gather ideas for new games, content updates and improvements. The kids are our most prized source of creative inspiration and brutally honest player feedback.